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Measurence is the intelligence platform for retailers:
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How it works

Measurence uses basic location information from shoppers’ cell phones to discover their retail stores visiting behavior. We treasure privacy, so by tracking a simple, non-personal feature of every smartphone, and through our proprietary statistical tools, we can extract data such as traffic, conversion, loyalty, engagement, and more.

The data is collected through plug and play sensors – wi-fi routers or bluetooth, depending on your business needs. Measurence guarantees an efficient and effective solution, that updates itself remotely, so that your store will always have the latest advancements to our sensors’ software, as we continuously add more features.

Measurence is built upon a secure, high-performance, enterprise-class cloud system: nobody that shouldn’t will access your data. The information returned to you is like website analytics used in ecommerce.
Measurence creates and shares simple, mobile-first and visual data analysis to empower decision making, revenue growth and insights into your customer's behavior.

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