Mar 17, 2016 2:28:00 PM

We’d like to welcome everyone to our new blog. Measurence is a software company and engineers are its lifeblood. As engineers, we build, ship and run complex services that are integral part of our analytics platform. And, we do even more than this. We’re always ready to re-discuss our solutions, to experiment new technologies, to research among the latest scientific results, to share and discuss with other people our discoveries.

So, why not to share our experience with you? That’s what we intend to do with this blog. It will give you a concrete look behind the Measurence’s scenes: you will be guided through the details of our current approach and you will read about the technology challenges we faced and the solutions we found.

We’re confident that this tool will also help prospective employees and fellow engineers in our industry to understand the company’s position with respect to the technology challenges of our days.

Thanks for reading and joining to the discussion!

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